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Chip 25 is an innovative company specialising in the coaching of the owners of any business, particularly;

  • Construction and related trades,

  • Hospitality ie. Cafe, Restraunts, Pubs,

  • Business to Business enterprises,

  • Business to Consumer enterprises


Our goal is to help these businesses realise the goal of the rhythmic acquisition of customers. 

What is the rhythmic acquisition of customers I hear you ask?.....

Without customers either buying your product or commissioning your service you will struggle to grow revenue, grow your business and as a business owner grow your salary or drawings. With the help of our Certified EC Coaching programme, we will help develop all the tools that will unlock the potential to always know where your next customer is coming from and with certainty know how to get more.

Our coaching programme is developed to ensure minimal impact on your working day - however it will be transformational to your business.

So who are we?

Jonathan Buckett

Jonathan is a chartered Civil Engineer with over 35 years experience in the Construction industry. Having been the Business Systems Director for a UK national Construction Company as well as an International Water Treatment and Pulpand Paper industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge on how to grow your business.

Elizabeth Buckett

Liz has held almost every position within the Hospitality Trade. Having recently developed her unique Vintage Tearoom to become one of the leading venues in her town, she has also run a Public house as well as managed award willing pub/restraunts. There is not a lot Liz doesn't know about how to get more covers, developing offeres and attractions to ensure your tables are always full.

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