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Hospitality Industry

Dinner in Restaurant

The Hospitality Industry can be one of the most unpredictable to chose as a profession. How many Bars, Restaurants, Cafes or Pubs have you seen pop up and then 6 months later they’ve changed hands or have closed?

The industry is always seen as the 1st that is affected by an economic squeeze. It is seasonal, to some there appears no rhyme of reason why one Wednesday is packed, and the next Wednesday is empty.

What’s the difference between a chef who starts a catering business and 20 years later realises they’ve basically created a job, not a business, and another who starts a catering business and in 10 years has 16 locations and then sells it for a multi-million pound payout?

The difference isn’t in the food….

It’s in the marketing and selling of the food.

This is where Chip25 can help. We have expert coaches that can help develop the rhythmic activity within your business that will help it grow.

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