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Business Coaching....well it's a bit like fishing!

So what is business coaching?

Well it's a bit like fishing?.....want to know more?.......keep watching

When you start in business it's a bit like setting out as the captain of a small rowing boat to head out and catch those customers, just like fishing. You're strong and keen and great at what you do. You can row and row all day and be really busy even.... if you're going round and round in circles and where are all those fish?

Nobody's told me how to actually catch the fish.

I have a small hand line and a bent pin .... aka a website and a facebook page. That catches me a couple of fish and then i rely on getting new customers by word of mouth, because everyone will want to work with me!

It's a bit like trying to catch fish by waiting for them to jump out of the water and into your boat.

This may work for a bit.... you may build and grow your business..... you may want to get a bigger boat may want to take on some employees to help you.... you may want to invest in an outboard engine to move around easier.

You're a great captain but you still don't know where the fish are or how to catch them.

Then there are the sharks the VAT, HMRC, national insurance. We all need to satisfy these before they start taking a bite out of your boat.

Well this is where CHIP25 comes in. With CHIP25 as your business coach we will equip your business with the tools to help you get and keep more customers. CHIP25 will help you develop the rhythmic activity within your business that will mean leads and opportunities will arrive like clockwork.

It's like helping you to develop the tools to get that bigger boat ... with a more reliable outboard motor .... with a fishing rod and hooks and bait and even a net..... with a compass to tell you which direction to go and a sonar that indicates where the fish are! Suddenly fishing becomes a whole lot easier..... running a business becomes a whole lot easier.

It's tricky at first. You have to get used to the new tools, but once they're mastered, business growth becomes easier.

If you want to know more please feel free to contact me or make an appointment please phone on 01233 349005.

Thank you

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