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What will a Coach will do for me?

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

What will as Coach do for me?

Pretty much everyone who started out in business did so with a desire and an aspiration to be successful, profitable and to provide for you and your family. A number of businesses flourish and grow to achieve their dreams….. however this is a small number. Just 1% of business owners are “Rich”, 5 % are what you would call “Prosperous”, 15% are making a good living. The majority of businesses, at least 60% are stuck in an endless financial struggle and are just getting by. The struggle to; keep up with Tax and Vat payments, to meet payroll and have to rob Peter to pay Paul. The last 20% are broke and are technically insolvent.

Welcome to the era of the Professional Business Person. What does this mean? It means a really Professional business person and entrepreneur knows where they want to go. They know with certainty what their dream future looks like, and they have the knowledge as to how to get there. Most people’s effort is not organised around any strict governance, philosophy or plan. Most of their effort is reactive and random. These people do what’s urgent today. They – and their businesses – easily lose their way.

Does this sound familiar?

Super successful – professional – entrepreneurs are consistent. They have a system that keeps them organised and ensures that their effort is focused with a set of guiding principles. The system provides the guidance and practices to rhythmically acquire and keep Customers allowing their business to grow. This allows the business owner to work on their business and not in their business.

Chip25 as a business coach is here to make this a reality within your business. We coach you to be able to build the system in your business so that you can move up that pyramid. How do we do this? In 4 simple steps.

Step 1 – Identify your Gap. We help you define where you want to be, as a business and what you want it to provide for you personally.

Step 2 – Build your Foundation Blocks. You can’t build a business without having the foundations in place. We will coach you in the development or your Website, Google Business Profile, Linkedin, etc

Step 3 – Fix your Marketing. We will dissect your Marketing into bite size bits so that you are never overwhelmed. However, we will ensure that you marketing effort is focused and delivers results.

Step 4 – Know the Score. How do you know if your winning if you don’t know the score? Together we’ll start by understanding what leads are expected from each marketing pillar, per week or per month and then tracking what actually happens.

With Chip25’s help we will transform your business into one that provides for the life that you always aspired to.

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact me by email at or call to make an appointment on 01233 349005

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